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CIS Ombudsman Reports That USCIS Backlogs Create an “Avalanche” of Problems
USCIS backlogs are not new, but the new CIS Ombudsman’s Annual Report highlights the “avalanche” effect that they create.

Posted by Mark Ople on 2022-07-26 Read post

Brief Summary of U.S. Visa Options for Foreign Athletes

An original article where we highlight the various approaches and visa categories for athletes coming to work/play in the U.S. and also advice for teams and general managers

Posted by Mark Ople on 2022-02-23 Read post

How USCIS Under Trump Discouraged Legal Immigration to the U.S.

We look at how the Trump Administration policy changes at USCIS greatly reduced legal immigration to the United States

Posted by Mark Ople on 2021-06-02 Read post

Brief Summary of the Public Charge Rule

The public charge ground of inadmissibility has been a part of the U.S. immigration law for more than a century. But that could change with an upcoming Supreme Court ruling.

Posted by Mark Ople on 2021-02-23 Read post